what Mobile Wallets
can do.

We are laser-focused on providing borderless mobile money services to power global peer-to-peer transfers in every app.
Cheers is forever changing what developers can build and how people earn.


With our SDK, you can now integrate mobile money into any app - moving from virtual credits to borderless, real currency.

This fuels new monetisation and engagement opportunities and - depending on your creativity - could also empower people anywhere in the world to earn money from mobile interactions, data, or by giving their time and attention.

Cheers is available globally and users do not need a bank account or payment card. Got sparking ideas? Contact us to join our early adopter developer community.

Wallet Owners

Cheers is your first global wallet with local relevance. It securely facilitates transactions from within apps and connected devices.

We are not a payments company in the traditional sense: together with creative developers, Cheers empowers people around the world to earn money from their personal data, content, and knowledge - irrespective of where one lives and where their followers are.

Want to take money out of your wallet? There is a range of options for any country. Even if you travel, money can always be converted from digital to tangible currency. And yes, this includes cash.

Connect with us on Twitter to learn about new app launches with Cheers integration.

Impact Beyond
Financial Inclusion

80% of the world lives on less than $10 a day. We can make a difference by laying the foundation for these people to participate in the digital economy, irrespective of where they live and their level of financial inclusion. With Cheers, we provide the fintech backbone for them to augment their income.

We have been working resiliently on Cheers since 2014 and are driven by the transformational character of mobile money. Having worked in the Telecom, Financial Services, and Consulting industries couples with working and living in emerging markets, we are well equipped to grow Cheers in a street smart way.

If you're a developer or investor and share our vision - a vision that people can get paid small amounts for what they share inside apps - join our early-adopter developer community or invest to position Cheers as the mobile money partner for global platforms.

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